• Teaching assistant for Introduction to Microeconomics (undergraduate)
    Spring 2016, Princeton University
  • Guest lecture on physician behavior in Economics of Health and Wellbeing (graduate)
    Spring 2016 and 2017, University of Zurich


  • 2016 Towbes Prize for Outstanding Teaching, Princeton University


“Molly is the best preceptor I’ve ever had. She explains everything super clearly and is willing to spend as much time as necessary to explain concepts. She is respectful and very helpful. She encouraged the important aspects of understanding economics, rather than just circling the right answers. She inspired me to continue taking economics courses.”

“Molly is hands down the best preceptor I have had and anticipate ever having. She is a true legend and presented material even more clearly and completely than [the professor]. She also was always available to help and knew the material so well that she often knew what I was asking before I even had a question formulated.”

“Molly was a tremendous preceptor. She was super organized, engaged, and always willing to answer questions. She was very good at explaining and was always willing to respond and engage outside of class. As a female student, she was inspiring to me in terms of encouraging me to be more involved in economics.”